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Founded in 2017 by Aman Abbas, former Director of Client & Market Development at leading Indian law firm Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas, Commwiser is a specialist PR agency focusing on Professional Services and Law Firm Marketing, including strategic and reputation counsel, media relations, litigation PR, digital and social media integration, and stakeholder mapping and engagement.


Indian legal industry is growing well and so is the competition. With a surge in mid-tier firms and spin-offs from bigger firms are pushing everyone to market themselves more effectively.

With liberalisation in 1991, the corporate side of the Indian legal industry started to grow tremendously. Over three decades later, in a significant move in 2023 when the Bar Council of India allowed international law firms to operate in India, the competition would intensify further. With more sophisticated brand and marketing tools foreign firms are armed with, the significance of clear and effective communication can’t be overemphasised.

Through effective communication methods, Law Firms can develop a solid reputation and foster connections with clients, both local and foreign. Successful communication in this broad and dynamic legal context necessitates negotiating local laws, cultural subtleties, and regional differences, as well as addressing the consequences of global legal practices. From communicating complicated legal ideas to engaging with clients, stakeholders, and the media, Indian law firms can use sophisticated tactics to successfully communicate their knowledge and services to a larger audience.

The capacity to adapt and communicate effectively in this new era of legal practice would enable Indian law firms to create confidence, credibility, and successful collaborations with overseas counterparts, contributing to the expansion and globalization of the Indian legal business.

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Aman Abbas

Founder & CEO