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About TriOn & Co

TriOn & Co is a Singapore-based strategic communications consultancy founded by Charu Srivastava, Joel Lah and Marion Ang – a trio of communications experts with over three decades of combined experience, and a deep passion to deliver trusted results for all clients they work with.

TriOn & Co is founded on the belief that strategic communications can be the game-changer for any company or individual, regardless of industry or location. The consultancy offers tailored communications services and special consultancy projects that are crucial in today’s macroeconomic climate.

Their full suite of communications services include reputation management, stakeholder relations, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) communications, B2B event communications, end-to-end crisis management (preparedness, response and recovery) and internal communications. The special projects include – business restructuring communications for organisations undergoing retrenchment or leadership changes, as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) audit and strategy.

TriOn has a regional remit, working with clients across the region through a trusted network of in-market partners. The founders bring combined experience and knowledge as well as learnings over the various agencies and consultancies they have worked at in their career, and are driven by their passion for doing good work while creating a safe and respectful work environment.

Legal Communications in Singapore

On the back of a stable economy, political environment and thriving business sector, attracting local and international corporations of all sizes to choose this city-state as its APAC headquarters. Today, Singapore is a legal hub as well as a highly sought after business hub and a media hub.

The confluence of these has resulted in a strong appreciation and need for thought leadership driven reputation building and corporate communications to distinguish legal firms and businesses of all sizes in a competitive market.

Within the legal industry, Singapore is a globally recognised and respected destination for litigation and arbitration due to the country’s fair practices and regulations. This further adds to the need for strategic communications that support business-changing legal disputes resolutions to minimise operational, financial and reputational impact. While a small market, Singapore punches above her weight on the global stage.

Your main contacts

Charu Srivastava

Chief Strategy Officer and Corporate Affairs Lead

Joel Lah

Chief Research Officer and Fintech Lead

Marion Ang

Chief People Officer and ESG & Government Lead