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Since 2005, Eliott & Markus has been the leading communications agency dedicated to
professional services firms, with a unique knowledge of their market and their challenges.

We specialize in building brands and enhancing their influence, through a distinctive take on
communications & marketing. Our multicultural and international team, comprised of
experts in Strategy, Branding, PR, Influence, Graphic Design, e-Reputation, offers a global
and integrated approach to clients.

Inclusivity, Intelligence, Creativity and Genuinely are our guiding principles.

Legal Communications in France

In France, lawyers and notaries are now asserting themselves as business leaders and
entrepreneurs. Like all professions, they face today an intensifying competition and a
growing need for digital transformation, which pushes them further towards developing
their reputation through various communications actions.

This trend has grown stronger thanks to the gradual liberalisation of advertising rules and
the emergence of companies dedicated to legal communications.

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