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Mirovia offers law firms and legal sector businesses
specialist PR, marketing and communications advice
across key jurisdictions.

We provide a full range of services delivered by dedicated
practitioners who know their local legal and commercial
markets inside out. Working together, we help clients
build their reputations and businesses across the globe.

PR Crisis & Litigation Branding Content Digital
PR Crisis & Litigation Branding Content Digital
  • Making your presence felt across Europe
  • Building relationships with media outlets
  • Reaching clients and gaining visibility
  • Increasing trust and credibility
  • Building awareness of your practice areas and expertise
  • Increasing awareness of expertise across your team
  • Implementing campaigns for new service offerings
  • Diversifying the types of media you feature in
  • Providing dedicated strategies for your crisis management
  • Building communications tools and language elements
  • Training your stakeholders and spokespeople
  • Rebuilding your reputation after a crisis
  • Supporting your crisis management team through re-emergence of a crisis
  • Crafting proactive strategies for communicating issues
  • Advising on internal communications around a crisis
  • Ensuring your information disclosure remains within the law in litigation-related crise
  • Providing support to clients bringing and defending class action type litigation across EU member states and the UK
  • Benchmarking your competitors and analysing your market
  • Launching your brand in a new country
  • Adapting your marketing strategy to each market
  • Building your firm’s brand platform
  • Developing your positioning and messages
  • Creating tone of voice guidelines
  • Helping your firm develop brand guidelines staff can live and breathe
  • Designing your visual identity and creative guidelines
  • Designing various formats (motion design, videos, social media cards, stationery…)
  • Distilling your web copy to make an impact
  • Storytelling your expertise
  • Growing your presence through content
  • Creating content that connects with your audiences
  • Turning your expertise into multi-format stackable content
  • Offering valuable insights to your target audiences
  • Repurposing content from your articles in key media
  • Creating content for internal audiences
  • Creating blog posts, videos, podcasts…
  • Guaranteeing the efficiency of your digital presence
  • Ensuring the synergy of your digital platforms
  • Creating web advertisements
  • Creating and managing your social media outlets
  • Ensuring your Social Media Optimization
  • Creating, developing, hosting and maintaining your website
  • Managing your Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating an emailing strategy that gets results
  • Ensuring key internal staff remain on brand on social media
  • Amplifying your content through digital channels
  • Building relationships on social media
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