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28 November 2022

Introducing Mirovia’s pan-European Class-action Desk

Gus Sellitto |
Byfield Consultancy

After years of collaborating on the matter, we’re pleased to announce the official launch of our European-wide class-action PR desk to meet the various communication needs of clients who are both bringing and defending class action type litigation across EU member states and the UK.

This official launch coincides with the EU Directive on Representative Actions for the Protection of Collective Interests of Consumers, at a time when shareholder activism and consumer related action are becoming more prevalent in European courts – having risen by 120% in the last four years – and companies across the continent are facing more class action suits.

As a collective of leading sector PR and communications agencies, we are able to serve clients bringing and defending class actions across Europe and beyond as the Mirovia alliance continues to grow. Initially, the service will be coordinated by Byfield from London, given the agency’s significant expertise in this area.

Our track record includes:

  • Launching the first shareholder action against Volkswagen in Germany and the UK during the Dieselgate scandal
  • Advising law firms and third-party litigation funders on cases including shareholder actions, alleged market manipulation in financial markets, mis-selling claims and unfair competition
  • Launching a consumer action in Spain which affected UK and other European consumers
  • A number of medical negligence and medical devices group actions              

Our Class-action desk is available to law firms, third party litigation funders, representative groups and companies in single or multiple legal jurisdictions. Mirovia is able to offer joint legal PR and communications services across its network of agencies, and to provide local language support in relation to local media and other key stakeholders who take an interest in class actions.

Communication services offered by the Mirovia Class Action desk include:

  • Offensive and defensive Litigation PR strategy advice for class actions
  • In-country and muti-country media relations campaigns
  • Social media class action campaigns   
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Marketing communications for class action campaigns including website build, newsletters, video and email campaigns

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