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Based in Amsterdam, Stark Narrative offers customized PR solutions to clients in three corporate niche domains: investments, legal services, and IT services & security. The firm’s baseline proposition entails the implementation of integrated, strategic PR campaigns across domestic and international markets. Although Stark Narrative’s primary focus is on the Benelux market, the agency’s collective work portfolio and regional focus spans Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Legal Communications in The BENELUX

The Benelux legal sector can be broken down into three, distinct jurisdictions – Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg – each with unique characteristics requiring a unique approach to public relations and marketing initiatives. Across this collective market, we observe how new technology dominates the way in which multiple practices operate and has disrupted many aspects of legal firms. Favourable legislation in the class action and restructuring space has made the Netherlands an attractive market for cross-border cases; post Brexit, firms have capitalized on a surge in M&A and IPO activity. In Belgium, Brussels remains the most essential hub for anti-competition; it is here that we see an accelerating focus on digital markets with significant policy developments having a global impact. Finally, given the pivotal role Luxembourg plays as the home for UCITS funds, developments in financial legislation (such as SFDR) is of utmost importance for those firms who are faced with the unavoidable task of catering to the investment industry.

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