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About Eye

Eye Communications is one of the leading agencies for legal PR in Germany. Our experience
stretches over 15 years providing communication and business development
services for law firms, companies and federal ministries.

Based on a journalistic approach to PR, Eye Communications builds a bridge between law
firms, their clients and business media. Our deep understanding of industries and service
sectors is the key to get the message of international law firms across where it really
matters. As specialists for litigation, transaction and human resources PR we furthermore
support our clients in complex cases.

Legal Communications in Germany

Professional communication is a key factor in building a strong reputation for law firms in
Germany. Law firms began about 20 years ago to understand that raising awareness as
experts and as entrepreneurs was important to gain clients and talents.

With the dot-com crash in 2000 and the lawsuits that followed the legal, audit and business
consulting industry had to set up strategies for litigation PR and crisis communication. Even
though US style class action does not exist in Germany, criminal investigations in companies,
company leaders and management have to be addressed with sophisticated communication
strategies for both clients and law firms.

Your main contacts

Matthias Struwe

Managing Director