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20 February 2020

Professionals facing the challenge of communication

Luigi Dell'Olio |
Valletta Relazioni Pubbliche

In the last few years the relationship between professionals and communication has experienced a real revolution. As Marianna Valletta, owner & director of Valletta Public Relations, one of the founding companies of Mirovia, the first communication network for law firms to be created today, tells us.

How much has the relationship between professionals and communication changed in recent years?

"I started working in communication for law firms in 2009; at that time you could count the number of agencies who specialised in legal PR on one hand. The market is now growing.


Law firms themselves have also begun to see changes. Although they still face a number of   critical issues, especially when it comes to publicising the name of their clients, many firms are now oriented towards transparency, which allows clients to assess the actual track-record of the firm. This mean law firms are now playing closer attention to communications”.


What in particular does a law firm ask of a communications agency? What is it aiming at?

"Above all, they ask us to help them to position their brands in the national, legal and tax services landscape; to define a strategy; and to manage their communications on media and web channels. On the one hand there are traditional activities that need to be supported, even during a generational changeover, on the other hand there are the new aggregations. Increasing number of law firms are seeking greater commitment in strategic consulting and activities aimed at building brand awareness".


And what about international studies?

"Law firms, in addition to searching for a partner for media relations in Italy, express a strong demand for specialist assistance in multiple jurisdictions, including the communication of high-profile cross-border crises. These firms are increasingly global, both in their structure and in their business. Practices and lawsuits often involve multiple jurisdictions and the need to be supported by highly specialized and global communication consultants often arise. This is the case, for example, for large international class actions that require the presence of a coordinated and qualified team in litigation public relations. It is equally crucial to also be able to manage crisis communication for law firms and their clients in the event of data breaches and cyber-attacks".


What is Mirovia?

"It is the first international alliance of agencies specialized in public relations and communication for the legal sector, currently present in 5 countries. Mirovia has a team of more than 50 communication professionals and more than 40 service lines dedicated to law firms: from branding to digital, up to highly specialized consultancy in the field of litigation PR and crisis communication".


What is the market need to create this network?

"The launch of Mirovia comes at a significant moment for the global legal sector. The importance of brand recognition and a strong reputation in the competitive environment have become crucial factors for the success of law firms operating internationally. And this in a context characterized by challenges such as Brexit, increased competition and regulation, market consolidation, the advancement of Legal Tech and alternative service providers. Our experience shows that law firms need specialist support from local agencies with global vision and capabilities".

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